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membrane system

Industrial Membrane Systems

Industrial membrane systems remove impurities from water by pushing it through membranes. We offer both reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration membranes.

reverse osmosis membrane

Reverse Osmosis Membranes

With small pores, RO membranes extract more from water than ultrafiltration and deliver cleaner water. We offer many different sizes from several of the nation’s top manufacturers.


Pretreatment Filters

Filters catch bacteria and suspended solids before they even reach your industrial membrane system. We provide both bag and cartridge filters to fit your specific needs.



Antiscalants help prevent buildup that occurs over time and keep your water filtration system functioning at peak levels. We manufacture our own specialty antiscalants used in a wide variety of industries.

membrane cleaners

Membrane Cleaners

We manufacture our own specialty reverse osmosis membrane cleaners, both low and high pH, to prolong the life of your membranes.

ion exchange

Ion Exchange

Ion exchange helps avoid buildup and corrosion in reverse osmosis membrane systems. We work with DuPont to offer seven different ion exchange resins.

Industrial Water System Services

At Consolidated Water Solutions, we’re committed to providing our customers across the country and around the globe with the services they need to ensure their industrial water system is working to its full capacity. You can trust that we don’t cut corners or leave you high and dry when you need our help most. Find out how we can help you make your system more efficient today!


DI Regeneration

Membrane Cleaning

Technical Support

Water Analysis

Why Consolidated Water Solutions?

At Consolidated Water Solutions, we have the services and products to meet all your industrial water treatment needs. We deliver pure water to customers around the globe. As a trusted distributor of quality water treatment products for 30 years, we’ve become well known among industries across the U.S. for our equipment, services, and expertise.

We carry reverse osmosis systems, membranes, filters, chemicals, and more from the nation’s most trusted brands at competitive prices, and deliver more quickly than national carriers.

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