Industrial Membrane Systems

Industrial membrane systems are critical to ensuring your water is pure. Consolidated Water Solutions works with companies of all sizes, from power plants to small manufacturers, to make sure they have the cleanest water possible. We’re your best option because we use quality, well-known brands, offer the ability to customize your system, and ship faster than national carriers.

How Do Industrial Membrane Systems Work?

Industrial membrane systems create pure water by pushing it through semi-penetrable membranes. Solids that are too large to pass through the filters are caught and discarded, resulting in clean, safe water. Our industrial membrane water systems extricate up to 99.8% of impurities such as bacteria, viruses, and suspended solids.

Types of Membrane Processes We Offer

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Reverse Osmosis (RO)

Because RO membranes have the smallest pore size, reverse osmosis systems provide the most extensive filtration. They remove fluoride, lead, chlorine, pesticides, and more, however, they may need a booster pump to enhance water flow.

Consolidated Water Solutions offers systems from 375 gpd to 1 million gpd from a variety of trusted producers such as Suez Water Technologies. The ProFlex LT is an evolution of popular E-Series systems focused on light industrial and commercial applications. The PRO Series, Titan Series and E8 series are other available systems we can offer. We also create custom-built systems and provide lease-to-own programs.

Ultrafiltration system | Consolidated Water Solutions

Ultrafiltration (UF)

While RO membranes produce the most pure water, this level of filtration is not always needed or preferred. UF systems can operate on low water pressure, and they do not remove salts or fluoride.

Consolidated Water Solutions provides the Suez Z-PAK UF Systems, which features the ZeeWeed 1500 membrane. We also offer custom-built systems that utilize modules from Dow, PolyMem, and Motimo, with a lease-to-own option.

Ultrafiltration system | Consolidated Water Solutions

Custom Filtration Systems

If standard, pre-fabricated water systems just won’t work, Consolidated Water Solutions can create a custom, industrial membrane system for you! Our team is always ready to help our customers find the right solutions for their needs, even if that means building from the ground up.

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Reverse Osmosis

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