Antiscalants are used in RO systems to avoid mineral scaling and reduce membrane fouling, which allow these systems to operate at a higher recovery rate. In addition, antiscalants are helpful in providing longer operational time periods in-between membrane cleanings, which reduces the overall cleaning and maintenance costs. Choosing the correct antiscalant and dosage is important in maximizing the efficiency of your RO system.

Consolidated Water Solutions manufactures our own specialty RO antiscalants. Our proprietary blends are widely used in all types of industries, and our customers have seen excellent results and HUGE savings. Some of our antiscalants are blended with a dispersant that helps clean the system while in use while other blends are engineered for feed waters that contain high levels of iron or silica, as well as other organic and inorganic contaminants. Most of our antiscalants are also available in a concentrated version, and almost all our products are NSF certified for drinking water applications.

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Antiscalant beakers