Antiscalants prevent buildup on reverse osmosis membrane systems to help keep them running smoothly. At Consolidated Water Solutions, we manufacture our own specialty RO antiscalants that produce excellent results and huge savings for our customers.

How Do Antiscalants Work?

Over time, particles accumulate on the membrane of a water filtration system, creating a plug. Water can’t pass through as easily, causing higher energy use and shorter life spans for membranes.

Antiscalant liquids prevent this buildup and reduce membrane fouling. This results in longer operational time periods between membrane cleanings, while reducing the overallĀ cleaning and maintenance costs. Choosing the correct antiscalant and dosage is important in maximizing the efficiency of your RO system.

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Why Choose Consolidated Water Solutions for Antiscalants?

At Consolidated Water Solutions, we manufacture our own specialty antiscalants for reverse osmosis systems. And our proprietary blends are widely used in all types of industries.

Some of our antiscalants are blended with a dispersant that helps clean the system while in use. Others are engineered for feed waters that contain high levels of iron or silica, as well as other organic and inorganic contaminants.

Most of our antiscalants are also available in a concentrated version, and almost all our products are NSF certified for drinking water applications.

If you want to protect your RO system and prolong its life span, we have the antiscalant for you!

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Membrane Cleaners

Membrane cleaners are incredibly essential to keeping your RO system running smoothly. We manufacture our own specialty membrane cleaners to fit your exact needs.