Ion Exchange

Ion exchange is a purification process of separation and exchange of ions between two electrolytes.  Ion exchange resins are used to remove dissolved particles from liquids using functional groups that are bonded to polymer beads. These functionalized polymers adsorb particular negatively charged ions (anions) or positively charged ions (cations) from the liquid and discharge others.

Water treatment is the best-known field of application for ion exchange. The most typical example is in the power industry where ion exchange is used in the production of ultra-pure boiler feed water and steam to avoid scale buildup and corrosion. This improves the efficiency, operating reliability and lifetime of power plants.

Consolidated Water solutions offers a comprehensive line of ion exchange resins for many applications which include simple industrial softening, production of ultrapure water, sweetener purification, pharmaceutics and metal recovery (mining). These ion exchange resins come in all chemical compositions, polymer structures, and particle sizes in order to meet current and developing industry requirements.

We can provide ion exchange products for each of the applications listed below:

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