Ion Exchange

Ion exchange can be used to avoid scale buildup and corrosion in reverse osmosis membrane systems. Consolidated Water Solutions offers a comprehensive line of ion exchange resins for many applications, including simple industrial softening, production of ultrapure water, sweetener purification, pharmaceutics, and metal recovery (mining).

How Does Ion Exchange Work?

Ion exchange is a water treatment process where unwanted dissolved ions are exchanged for other ions with a similar charge. The use of ion exchange is common in power plants to produce ultrapure boiler feed water and steam to avoid scale buildup and corrosion. This improves the efficiency, operating reliability, and lifetime of power plants, in addition to other commercial industries.

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Exchange Resins

One of the best solutions for both industrial water softening and water purifcation processes is through the use of ion exchange resins. When water passes through an ion exchange system, functional polymer beads remove dissolved particles from the water as it passes by and through the beads.

These functionalized polymers absorb particular negatively charged ions (anions) or positively charged ions (cations) from the liquid and discharge others.

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Resin Regeneration

Over time, contaminant ions bind with all available exchange sites. When this happens, it’s important to restore the resin through a regeneration cycle. To accomplish this, a concentrated regenerant solution is pushed back through the ion exchange system, helping to remove contaminants. Once a regeneration cycle has been completed, the resin may be washed off once more to remove any lingering contaminants.

Industries We Supply

Consolidated Water Solutions works with Dow, DuPont, LanXess, Purolite, and Thermax to offer multiple ion exchange resins perfect for industries like:


Industrial Water


Power Generation


Ultrapure Water Grade


Food Grade


Chemical Processing & Mining


Drinking Water Grade


Residential & Commercial

Portable Exchange Deionization Tanks

Consolidated Water Solutions also offers an off-site resin regeneration service utilizing Jumbo Type, Portable Exchange Deionization Tanks (PEDI). Smaller DI bottle programs are available upon request. Contact us today for more information regarding this high-purity water treatment application.

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