Membrane Cleaning

Good cleans are essential in maintaining an RO membrane’s high performance and its longevity. Consolidated Water Solutions offers an in-house membrane cleaning service that utilizes our custom-designed membrane cleaners alongside the many years of knowledge and experience of our membrane technicians.

Our cleaning procedure incorporates the techniques recommended by the leading membrane manufacturers in the industry and comes standard with a data report for the customer to review before they are put back in the field for use.

Technical Support

Consolidated Water Solutions service team offers a variety of membrane technical support, including but not limited to RO membrane change out, CIP cleaning, and RO housing replacement. We pride ourselves in offering a service that is tailored to the need of each customer.

From emergency repairs, to an ongoing maintenance contract, we are able to service a variety of situations in all different applications. Our goal is to integrate sales with technical support to bring our clients the best hands on experience in the industry.

Membrane Autopsy

Membrane autopsies are an effective way of analyzing specific system issues.  While many problems can be found from data analysis, having an expert technician perform a membrane autopsy can be the best method in solving a specific issue and finding the most effective way to address it.

Water Analysis

Water analysis tests can give our service team the information necessary to better understand the specific water quality of the client.  This information would help us assist the customer in finding the best water treatment program for their system to operate most effectively.

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Man loading a Membrane