Membrane Cleaners

Over time, unwanted deposits will build up on your reverse osmosis filter system, which affects the unit’s productivity and life span. Consolidated Water Solutions manufactures specialty reverse osmosis membrane cleaners. These proprietary blends are widely used in all types of industries, and our customers have experienced excellent results and huge savings.

How Do Industrial Membrane Cleaners Work?

Even with the best feed water and pretreatment procedures in place, contaminates will inevitably build up on the RO membrane surface, producing plugs and dramatically reducing flow rate. Effective membrane cleaners and procedures can improve recovery and rejection rates, protect from irreversible fouling, and will prolong the life of the membranes.

While smaller membranes should just be replaced, it is much more cost-effective to regularly use a membrane cleaner on larger water treatment systems.

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Reverse Osmosis Membrane Cleaners We Offer

Most cleaning procedures utilize a low pH clean and a high pH clean for maximum results. Low pH solutions dissolve membrane scales, such as calcium carbonate and metallic oxides. High pH cleaners clean foulants like colloids and biological microorganisms.

Consolidated Water Solutions offers both types of cleaners in either liquid or powder form, as well as a specialty formulated dual low and high pH cleaner. Most of our products are NSF certified for drinking water applications.

We also offer an off-site membrane cleaning service. Call us at (800) 852-1150 for details.

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Ion Exchange

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